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Content for having a wonderful product. (part 1)

Episode 1–1: “Content” to turn visitors to your fans.

Who are your fans?

Can you have fans?

The first rule

Many product owners only talk about their product which is not enough. You have to talk about your beliefs as well, so like-minded people will start becoming your fans.

You will find your fans among the people they have the same believes as you. Go back and take a look at your beliefs to talk loud about them in your platforms. The ideas should be “yours” and “clear”, the like-minded people will find it. President Trump is an excellent example of doing that. He talks about his ideas straightforward. How much his statements are factual maybe not be his first concern, as long as he believes it he shares them with his audience, for sure, he makes fans by doing it. Otherwise, by using lots of overused, boring content that isn’t very meaningful, you will not make fans.

Be generous and give away something for free.

They should be happy to visit you then will have the chance to share your ideas and your believes. Let your thoughts be exposed to many people and catch more like-minded people.

“On the next episode, I will talk more strategies to turn visitors to fans.”

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Fanacrocy, by David Meerman Scott.

Content marketing engineered, by Wendy Covey.

Content-Based networking, by James Carbary.

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